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Why Us

Quality Control Processes for Raw Material

Trusted Producer

Single largest supplier for steel giants in India & Abroad. We supply around 2400 MT domestically to Tata Steel, JSW, JSL, AMNS & other Secondary steel & stainless steel producers.

Indian Manufacturer of Ferro Titanium

Exporter of Ferro Titanium

We supply Ferro Titanium on a regular basis to Germany, Great Britain & other asian countries. Even though there is local produce available in these countries.

Procurement, Research & Production of Ferro Titanium


With 300 MT of titanium scrap in our yard at any point of time, we have the capability of producing any and all grades mentioned in our grades section. We can also manufacture special grades as per customer's request.

Ferro Alloy Manufacturer Industry In Delhi

Production Facility

We currently have 3 induction furnaces with a capacity to produce 7400 MT per annum. Our raw material yard holds 400-500 MT of Titanium scrap at any point of time. We can process more than 7000 MT of Titanium scrap per annum to make fir for FeTi production.



We are currently manufacturing grades with Titanium range between 30% to 75%. Minor elements which can be controlled are Aluminium, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen & others.

Ferro Titanium 60-75%
Ferro Titanium Powder

Sizing & Packaging

We have a dedicated semi automatic crushing & sorting line with capability of crushing more than 1000 MT a month. Our packing department is fully capable of handling packaging for Exports in Super Sacks, Jumbo bags, mini packets inside jumbo bags, steel drums or any other specialised packing.



Ferro Titanium 70% is a low residual, low melting point titanium alloy consumed in the steel industry. Ferro Titanium is mostly used for producing auto grade steel, stainless steel, automotive tools and parts. It is also sometimes used in making wires for submerged arc weilding applications.

Application of Ferro Titanium
Product Quality of Ferro Titanium


We rely on three point testing. First when we receive the raw material for proper sorting of the Grades. Second, post processing of raw materials where we test for Carbon, Moisture & Oxygen. Lastly, we test the finished product for Titanium, Al, Carbon mandatorily. We check other elements if required by the customer's specs like Oxygen, Nitrogen, Vanadium, Tin etc.