Why Us

Procurement, Research & Production of Ferro Titanium


We understand the individual casting needs of every customer. Our procurement, research & production team works hand in hand to achieve the right chemical, packing & sizing composition for each customer.

Indian Manufacturer of Ferro Titanium

Short Lead Time

Being the only Indian manufacturer of Ferro Titanium with a 3600 metric ton per annum capacity, we can supply materials with shorter lead times with customized quantity requirements.

Quality Control Processes for Raw Material

Trifecta Quality Process

We have three independent quality control processes for raw material, manufacturing and finished goods. We are extremely fastidious about all the quality steps without any scope for compromise.

About Us

The Ferro Alloys Division (FAD) of Des Raj Bansal group was found in 2007 and it started producing high Titanium content Ferro Titanium from 2009. Thereby giving us a experience of 6 years as indigenous manufacturers of Ferro Titanium.

Ferro Alloys Division (FAD) of Des Raj Bansal group
Ferro Alloy Manufacturer Industry In Delhi


The Ferro Alloys Division of M/s Bansal Brothers is fully equipped to manufacture 3600 MT of Ferro Titanium every year. The facility is spread over 3 acres with about 20,000 Square feet dedicated to manufacturing, sizing & packing ferro titanium.



Ferro Titanium has grades ranging from 30% to 75% titanium content. The grades between 60% and 75% is produced using titanium and low carbon iron scrap. We provide grades ranging from 60% to 75% titanium content.

Ferro Titanium 60-75%
Ferro Titanium Powder


We understand that every customer is unique not only in the chemical composition requirement but also for charging requirements in the Steel Melting Shop. The customized requirements of Ferro Titanium size and packing are also taken care of by Ferro Alloys Division of M/s Bansal Brothers.



Ferro Titanium 70% is a low residual, low melting point titanium alloy consumed in the steel industry. Ferro Titanium is mostly used for producing auto grade steel, stainless steel, automotive tools and parts. It is also sometimes used in making wires for submerged arc weilding applications.

Application of Ferro Titanium
Product Quality of Ferro Titanium


M/s Bansal Brothers and Sarthak Metals Marketing Private Limited enjoy a strong standing in both domestic & international market. The main reason for such belief of our customers in our product & services is mainly due to our commitment to quality. It was a clear to the founders of the group from the beginning that without quality control it is impossible to survive in today’s market. Based on this vision, we have put in place three stage testing process.